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Official Organizations & Lodges of the Slovenian Hall

If you are interested in joining the Slovenian Hall, please join at least one of the following organizations or lodges first in order to be eligible.

Get Involved

Members of any official Slovenian Hall organization or lodge are eligible to become direct members of the Slovenian Hall and are welcome to pre-register by (1) signing up for website access via the Login/Signup link below and (2) completing the pre-registration form to the right. Please be sure to complete BOTH steps.

The 2020 Annual General Membership Meeting has been indefinitely postponed due to the COVID-19 situation.

We encourage members of the Bay Area's Slovenian American community to get involved!

Pre-Registration for Membership

When signing up for access to the Membership, please take a moment to provide us with your contact information and indicate the Slovenian Hall organization(s) or lodge(s) of which you are a member (Member Organization).

Success! Message received.

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